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Last month, I had to drive up to Peapack for a meeting.  The traffic was good so I had some time to kill and lucked into a bakery that is just this side of Nirvana.  It’s called CocoLuxe and they have a little shop at 161 Main. The cases were filled with gorgeous confections and I opted for a simple breakfast of brioche with a cup of Earl Grey. I also ordered a sammy to go.Brioche

Can I just say the brioche was an experience?…  It was just out of the oven, warm–not hot.  It was moist, eggy and had just a hint of lemon.  It needed no butter, jam nor anything that may have adulterated the sublime yeasty-nummyness.  Yes, I was the woman sitting in the corner sighing in sated serendipity between sips of her tea.

An experience like that stays with you. In a month’s time, I was craving those little suckers again. Alas, I have never made brioche–let alone like that. And I wasn’t about to drive 50 miles for another CocoLuxe fix. Can I do it myself? I consulted two trusted culinary icons.  First, Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc cookbook. I’ve never made anything from that book that hadn’t turned out so I decided to dive in.  I followed his brioche recipe to the letter–but to get the whiff of lemon, I added the zest of one large lemon. Result:  Very cake-like brioche. Tasty, but dryer than CocoLuxe and way too lemony. Excellent, but not exactly what I was aiming for. (Click here for Keller’s recipe on the Kirbie’s Cravings website.)

Then I happened to see Ina Garten making mini brioche rolls on a “Welcome Back Breakfast” episode of Barefoot Contessa. I pulled the recipe off the Food Network site ( to get recipe click on link here) and followed her directions to the letter–with the addition of zest from 1/2 a large lemon. Both recipes require refrigerating the dough overnight, but Ina follows a different path in that she mixes in the butter (and there’s loads of it) after the dough has rested overnight. Keller’s recipe mixes in the butter before refrigeration, which I found makes for a dough that is very soft and harder to work with the 2nd day.

The result:  Ina’s recipe is closer to the CocoLuxe rolls with the perfect hint of lemon but still not quite as moist as CocoLuxe. Delicious nonetheless. I’ve been slathering them with butter and apple butter.  Sigh…

Somebody stop me…..!  Nom! Nom! Nom!!!

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